Kelly - Wedding Reception

I recently had the Noble Sandwich Co cater my wedding reception, and I am SO happy with every single part of the experience of working with them. Honestly, they were my favorite wedding vendor, and the results at our reception were fantastic. I tried *almost* every thing (I was so busy, that unfortunately I didn't get to go back to the buffet as much as I would have liked) and I loved all of it! Of course I wasn't the only one--I had people coming up to me all night (and for the next week) commenting on how awesome the food was. Really, it was my favorite part of our reception.

I LOVE eating and I am pretty opinionated when it comes to food, so if I'm giving someone 5 stars for food, it means a lot. (I've also worked in food businesses for most of my working life, and I've seen the full gamut of service, food quality, etc. and Noble Sandwich is, for me at least, ideal).

As I've said, working with them was so easy. We told them our budget (they charged us the lowest end of it, which was *very* reasonable compared to other catering companies we'd looked into) and a few food notes (no tomatoes because my mom is allergic, at least some stuff gf and veggie to accommodate our guests). They came up with the menu below, which was exactly what we had in mind.

As far as the actual event, I have only praise. They were on time, they set everything up, they were efficient and calm (unlike some of our other vendors). In addition to taking care of all of the food above, they also set up cheese & fruit, etc. that we had purchased (at a discount rate from my work) AND they cut our cake, for no additional charge. They were pleasant, knowledgeable, and all-around awesome to work with! I would HIGHLY recommend them to cater any event--casual, fancy, whatever, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again, if I should ever need to!